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Nintendo Switch Pro Will Support 720p/120 FPS in Portable Mode; 1440p/30 FPS in Docked Mode – Rumor

The rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro continue to follow each other day after day. Here are some of the latest rumors between resolution and services.

Nintendo Switch Pro will also integrate Xbox Game Pass service?

A very hot topic that in recent days never ceases to reappear, is the long-awaited and – temporarily – not yet confirmed new Nintendo console. The rumors about a Nintendo Switch Pro, which is a similar console but with more updated hardware, have become truly constant day after day.

On several occasions, we have told you about the latest rumors that suggested an OLED screen with almost no bezels, several aesthetic improvements, a release date already set for the market, and the much-requested 4K support. Today, however, new rumors from Taiwan suggest otherwise.

In fact, it would seem that the resolution of the new console, when used in portable mode, will once again be 720p but with 120 FPS. Otherwise, in docked mode, the resolution increases up to 1440p (i.e. 2K), but with only 30 FPS.

The GPU will be based on Nvidia’s latest graphics architecture, namely Ampere or the upcoming Lovelace produced at 7nm, and the core of the graphics card will have a power of around 1 GHz base. Nothing striking would be said, at least for the moment.

However, it’s not entirely clear whether the SKU will ship with NVIDIA’s RTCores for Ray Tracing, but support for DLSS is almost confirmed. Additionally, third-party developers should have already received a dev-kit of the new machine this year.

Last news, and we’re not talking about hardware this time but about services, it seems that the Microsoft Xbox Game Pass service will also be integrated at the launch of Nintendo Switch Pro.

This means that players will be able to take advantage of a vast library of third-party games (it will be necessary to see if downloadable or more presumably in the cloud) and also of Xbox exclusives on the Nintendo Switch Pro.