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Nintendo Switch OLED: Price, Release Date, Specs, Features & More

After many rumors, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model is now official. The Kyoto house has revealed the new version of the portable video game console, with several new features. The new console will be available on the market from October 8.

Nintendo Switch OLED Model: Release Date, Specs, Features

Today, Nintendo posted a video on its youtube channel announcing the entry of the Nintendo Switch OLED model to its family of consoles. The new console comes with a sparkling 7-inch OLED screen, a large adjustable stand, wired LAN port dock, 64GB of internal storage, and enhanced audio.

In addition to minor design changes, it also differs from the original Switch model already on sale – mainly – because of the OLED screen and because it has increased the internal storage capacity, now with 64GB instead of the standard 32GB.

This new model is compatible with the complete Nintendo Switch game library but the system doesn’t perfectly fit all “design parameters of the Nintendo Labo series.” There may also be games where the gaming experience may differ due to the new console features such as the larger screen size.

It is also worth noting that the Nintendo Switch add-ons work normally on the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, as well as Joy-Con, Pro Controller, and other special controls such as Ring Fit.

At the moment, nothing was mentioned whether its internal processor was improved, but on the official website, it was confirmed to have an “NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor” – the same as the description of the original Switch.

Price & Availability

The new Nintendo Switch OLED console will be available starting from October 8th, and the price will be $350 USD dollars. Check out the announcement trailer of the new model below.