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Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Won’t Have OLED Screen

It seems that Nintendo Switch 2 will not be equipped with an OLED screen, at least according to the rumors circulating online.

The successor to the hybrid console, Nintendo Switch, is taking a long time to arrive, but apparently, rumors related to the hardware it will feature continue to emerge. As per rumors circulating online, Nintendo Switch 2 will almost certainly be announced in the coming weeks but without an OLED screen. Check out all the information below.

Nintendo Switch 2 Won’t Have OLED Screen – Report

Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Won't Have OLED Screen

During the Gamescom 2023, it was noted that someone would have had the pleasure of seeing Nintendo Switch 2 in action with Zelda demos following.

After it was revealed that the Switch 2 would currently be known as “NG” and should see the light of day in September 2024, a rumor has emerged stating that it may not have an OLED screen.

As per the latest reports, it seems that the Nintendo Switch 2 will not be equipped with an OLED screen, but it will still have something that will distinguish it from the original model of its predecessor, according to rumors circulating online.

As per the Gaming Leaks subreddit, SoldierDelta has provided an update on Nintendo’s upcoming console after sharing its tentative release date, stating that the console will have some AR features that are likely tied to the rumored new camera feature.

Unfortunately, though, Nintendo Switch 2 won’t have an OLED screen, which seems like a step backwards considering how good-looking games look on the OLED model of the current Switch.

SoldierDelta provided further information on the price and release date of the Nintendo Switch 2. The source reiterated that the console will be priced at $400 but that it will launch with two different models, although the price of both has not yet been determined.

Furthermore, although the console is scheduled for release on September 2024, Nintendo is considering November 3rd as a fallback launch date in case something unforeseen occurs.

Obviously, once again nothing is certain, so let’s wait for Nintendo to comment on the matter finally.