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Nintendo Switch 2 Reportedly Features New Camera Function

According to an insider, Nintendo Switch 2 perhaps was already shown at Gamescom 2023 featuring new camera function.

As reported by journalist Jez Corden, Nintendo Switch 2 may have been the protagonist of a closed-door presentation during GamesCom 2023. Consequently, the official announcement of the console, according to several industry insiders destined to arrive in stores in 2024, could be quite close. And it is just one of the two rumors that have once again turned the spotlight on the future Nintendo console. In fact, on the ResetERA forum, a reference appeared to a function linked to the camera in Nintendo Switch 2, absent on the current Switch model which is satisfied with an IR sensor integrated into the right Joy-Con controller. Check out the complete information below.

Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature New Camera Function – Report

Nintendo Switch 2 To Feature New Camera Function

According to a report started by the well-known video game journalist Jez Corden, Nintendo may have shown and/or discussed details of the Nintendo Switch 2 during a private presentation held last week at Gamescom 2023.

As per the insider, an official console reveal or leaks with early details about a Switch successor could be around the corner, which is also rumored to feature a camera function, in fact.

The possible presence of one or more cameras on Switch 2 could have to do with virtual reality as suggested by the source of the rumor, apparently the former Atlus insider who in the past revealed the existence of the remake of Persona 3 and of Persona 6. The same source claimed not to be sure, but similar applications such as augmented reality or new features in the style of Nintendo, which always adds some gimmicks designed to stimulate the creativity of developers, cannot be excluded.

Among other things, it is not the first time that something related to a camera has been talked about. In late July, Chinese YouTuber AK’s Tech Studio claimed to have received information about an image sensor from an employee of one of the companies working on the new Nintendo console.

Based on the rumors that have followed one another in the last two years, the Nintendo hybrid between portable and fixed console could return to the LCD screen of the first Switch model, in order to cut costs. As for the internal hardware equipment in Nintendo Switch 2, we are talking about a Tegra239 SoC with eight Cortex-A78/AE/C cores which should guarantee a distinctly important performance leap compared to the current Switch model.

In any case, it’s better to wait before celebrating, especially considering that new information could be around the corner, at least according to Jez Corden.