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Nintendo Switch 2 Console Details & Launch Window Leaked

According to several sources, Nintendo is likely to release the new Nintendo Switch 2 (tentative name) in the second half of 2024.

Nintendo Switch 2 would now seem to be an open secret, given that only the official confirmation for the release of the new version of the hybrid console would be missing. The current platforms of the Switch family continue to see a lot of updates, but soon it will be time to talk about the new generation. Check out the leaked information of Nintendo Switch 2 console details and launch window below.

Nintendo Switch 2 Console Details & Launch Window Leaked Online

Nintendo Switch 2 Console Details & Launch Window Leaked

In recent weeks it was made known to you that an investment site was talking about a possible launch of Nintendo Switch 2 by 2024, information that is now further confirmed. Even sources very close to PixArt Imaging (a company that produces CMOS image sensors, close to Nintendo since 2006) has hinted that we are almost there.

Now, as also confirmed by VGC, according to several people familiar with Nintendo’s plans for next-gen consoles, the company will likely release the new Nintendo Switch 2 hardware in the second half of 2024, to ensure it has ample stock available on day one and avoid the kind of shortcomings seen with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

While specific details about the console are being kept top secret, the VGC people spoke to indicate that the next-gen console will be able to be used in handheld mode, just like the first Nintendo Switch model.

Two sources have suggested that the console could be launched with an LCD screen, instead of the classic OLED, in order to reduce costs, especially considering the increase in storage needed for higher-fidelity games.

The current Switch has just 32GB of internal storage, while many current-generation PlayStation and Xbox games exceed 100 GB. Like its predecessor, the new Nintendo console will also accept physical games via a cartridge slot, according to reports. Other details, such as backwards compatibility support for both physical and digital Switch games have not yet been disclosed.

Nintendo has said it plans to convert as many of the more than 100 million users of Switch as possible to its next console, although some third-party publishers have reportedly expressed concerns that backwards compatibility support for Switch games could negatively affect sales of the titles of the next generation.

So if the production of a new Switch now appears certain – after all, even Microsoft has confirmed it – we anxiously await an official announcement.