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Nintendo Switch 12.0.3 System Update Available for Download Now

Close to E3 2021, we have a new update for Nintendo Switch to report with version 12.0.3, which is now available for download. With all the crazy rumors that have come over the past few weeks about the hybrid console of the Big N, it’s safe to expect an update with this timing.

Nintendo Switch 12.0.3 System Update Download

Contrary to what the E3 2021 fair would suggest, however, this is a trivial stability update. We also have some more details thanks to the dataminers, but perhaps it is precise because of the latter that the Kyoto giant has preferred to better mask its traces in its firmware revisions.

So there are not too much news about the new update of Nintendo Switch, but the 12.0.3 update also goes a bit beyond the usual, and declared, “general system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.” A dataminer, in fact, did his utmost research to find out every detail about this patch.

Moving on to more substantial things, we also have an update to package2, which results in more services for the operating system kernel (in other words, the firmware) and other key functions. The last point touched, however, has to do with the console’s internet connection.

Nintendo has in fact put its hand to SSL, with which it will create more secure connections to servers. According to what the dataminer OatmealDome speculates, support for TLS (or version 1.3, if nothing else) has failed. Compared to the presence of new features in its previous updates, therefore, it seems that this time Nintendo Switch has opted for a safer path.

Nintendo Switch Pro has in fact been at the center of numerous rumors, which for now seem to remain without any foundation. If we do not have official announcements on the matter in the next 48 hours, it cannot be excluded that the talks on the mid-generation upgrade will pass directly in a few months.