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Nintendo Indie World Showcase Could Happen This Week, According to a Leak

There could be a new Nintendo Indie World broadcast this week, according to the well-known Nintendo insider Emily Rogers.

According to a new leak, a new Nintendo Indie World showcase could be broadcast this week, even if for the moment it is only an unconfirmed indiscretion, even if the famous insider Emily Rogers is involved. Check out all the details about this new event that is going to take place soon below.

Nintendo Indie World Event Scheduled for this Week?

nintendo indie world showcase could happen this week

It has been many months now that a new Nintendo Indie World Direct has been held, that is the event that the Big N dedicates to independent games in development and coming to Switch as well. However, the insider Emily Rogers may have anticipated the imminent arrival of a new Nintendo Indie World event with an indiscretion of her.

Rogers, who lately as an insider has not always been wrong, spoke through the Famiboards forum, inviting all indie lovers to prepare for something that would be about to happen soon, without going into specifics. The message of the leaker and insider is very short: “Any fans of indie games in here?”: thus suggesting the possibility that Nintendo will soon broadcast a showcase dedicated to independent productions.

It must be said that Emily Rogers was very good last December to anticipate the announcement of the previous Nintendo Indie World Direct and therefore, the insider could also be right this time as well. So could the same thing be happening here, and is Emily’s message really a leak revealing Nintendo’s short-term plans?

If an Indie World Direct showcase will be broadcast this week, the announcement will probably arrive within a few days, perhaps between today and tomorrow. We just have to wait to find out more, it is certain that as soon as we talk about Indie Direct the name of Hollow Knight: Silksong immediately comes to mind; is it the right time to find out the release date of the game?