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Nintendo Hints It is in No Hurry to Launch Switch 2

Nintendo has hinted that it is in no hurry to launch Switch 2, hence there is still silence regarding the official information about the new console.

More than six years after its launch, rumors continue to circulate that Nintendo is working on a Switch 2 console, the best-selling hybrid console in its history. The success achieved by the console is in fact an implicit confirmation that sooner or later there will be a new console, however. Check out all the information below.

Nintendo Suggests It is in No Hurry to Launch Switch 2

Nintendo Suggests It is in No Hurry to Launch Switch 2

In these hours, the president of Nintendo, Shuntaro Furukawa, has confirmed that Switch 2 will use the same Nintendo Account, facilitating the transfer of data.

However, with sales still buoyant and 125 million consoles placed so far, Nintendo has hinted that it’s in no rush to launch the next model of Switch 2, hence there is silence regarding official information about the upcoming console.

“We believe that there is an opportunity to take advantage of the large number of units of software in the market,” Furukawa said during a meeting with shareholders. “In addition to continuing to release new titles, we also plan to distribute additional content for existing titles so that customers can enjoy them for a long time.”

The time since the Switch’s launch is approaching the longest period among Nintendo consoles, including the interval between the release of the Wii U and that of the first Switch model. The major difference, of course, is that the Nintendo Switch was and continues to be a huge hit, while the Wii U wasn’t at all.

In other news,

the users of the ResetEra forum have in fact found a very interesting announcement, concerning the development of next-gen consoles “for a famous game company” in Kyoto.

While not expressly mentioning the name of Nintendo, it is clear that mentioning the Kyoto office together with an assignment concerning the development of the latest generation console can only suggest that we are talking about Switch 2.