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Nicolas Cage Might Appear in Death Stranding 2

The actor Nicolas Cage went to the Kojima Productions studios to meet the creator of Death Stranding 2, so it seems that a collaboration in sight, don't you?

Death Stranding 2, also known as DS2, promises to be a very ambitious project for Hideo Kojima, in addition to the fact that the game will include a large number of old and new characters, and now it seems that Nicolas Cage might be one of the characters. Check out all the information below.

Nicolas Cage Will Reportedly Appear in Death Stranding 2

Nicolas Cage Could Appear in Death Stranding 2

According to a tweet by Hideo Kojima, in fact, the actor Nicolas Cage went in person to the studios of Kojima Productions. Indeed, Kojima tweeted a couple of photos taken with Cage in his studio.

Two things can be noted here, the first is Cage’s absolutely insane look, while the second is the Kojima brooch, which appears to be Cage’s bloodied face in Mandy, a 2018 film.

Kojima loves to invite famous people of all stripes to his studios, so there’s no reason to believe this is anything more than a courtesy call. It is also true that many want to see Nic Cage in Death Stranding 2, a participation that would send fans into ecstasy.

We already know that the DS2 cast is led by Elle Fanning, in addition to the fact that Guillermo Del Toro, Lea Seydoux and Norman Reedus were part of the original game. To these are added several cameos by personalities such as Junji Ito, Conan O’Brien and Sam Lake.

That is why, the door is absolutely wide open for Nic Cage to appear in Death Stranding 2 as well. We’ll see if the dream will come true.

At the moment Kojima and all his staff continue to work on the production, also recently unveiling several motion capture sessions with the most important stars, as can be seen below in the tweet.

Naturally, among these, the actress Elle Fanning could not be missing, who has already admitted that Death Stranding 2 is already “the coolest thing she’s ever done”.