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Next Ys Game Artwork Teased, Could Feature Soulslike Elements

First concrete information on the next Ys game arrives, including its first artwork teased for the moment.

It was known for some time that Falcom has been working for some time on a new game in the Ys series, and thanks to an interview given to Famitsu by president Toshiro Kondo we can finally find out more. Check out all the details about the next Ys game below, including its first artwork.

Next Ys Game Artwork Teased, Will Feature a Younger Adol

Next Ys Game Artwork Teased

New Ys Game, called Ys X (working title) will be the next chapter, and thanks to the new Famitsu issue (translated by user Hansuke21), we have the first details about the new installment in the beloved Japanese RPG series.

First, a concept artwork appears in the Japanese magazine (visible above) showing a young Adol fighting a creature similar to a large bird along with a woman with an ax and a shield. Kondo has again confirmed that the next game will be numbered like the previous ones, and therefore should be called Ys X.

The goal is to keep the gameplay fluid and exciting as in the other chapters of the series, but other areas will be re-examined. Although this is not a Soulslike, Falcom wants to check if it is possible to implement one-on-one combat in which the player can observe the movements of the enemy.

Speaking of the story, in Ys X Adol will be as old as he was in Ys I and Ys II, and the game could be set outside the Romun Empire. It is not yet clear where the game will be released, although Kondo said he “wants many to be able to play it”.

Furthermore, the Falcom president wishes to play previous Ys on modern platforms. Finally, Kondo said that including new gameplay elements will be essential: whether they are scenarios, actions, or systems, Ys X will present something new.