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New Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Games Project ‘Midnight’ and ‘Pentiment’ Details Leaked

Project Midnight and Pentiment are exclusive games aimed at Xbox Series X/S consoles. Find out all the information about the titles here.

In the last few months, there were a lot of leaks about what Xbox Game Studios has been creating, and it seems once again a report talking about games being made in Microsoft’s video game division comes out to the public. The journalist Jez Corden has released information about these games once again, this time focusing on Project Midnight by Compulsion Games and Pentiment by Obsidian Entertainment, exclusive games coming to Xbox consoles. Check out all the details below.

New Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Games Project ‘Midnight’ and ‘Pentiment’ Details Leaked

It seems that the near future of Xbox Series X/S will be brighter than expected, as the internal teams are finally starting to show their works. Through the Windows Central site, and via Jez Corden, we learn of two new exclusive games that will arrive on Xbox consoles.

The names involved are also quite important. The two projects are in fact by Compulsion and Obsidian, authors of games such as We Happy Few and Fallout: New Vegas respectively.

Compulsion is at work on Project Midnight, a third-person action set in a dark and fantastic way. The game is defined as a coming-of-age story inspired by the deep south of America, with magical creatures and gigantic monsters, and is described with a strong “southern gothic” vibe.

New Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Game Project MidnightProject Midnight

As for Obsidian, however, the project in progress is Pentiment. According to the words of Jeff Grubb, it is a game with graphics reminiscent of medieval paintings, and great attention to the narrative sector. As a sixteenth-century European investigator, the truth behind the violent murder must be uncovered.

New Upcoming Xbox Exclusive Game PentimentPentiment

In short, it seems that powerful games are starting to arrive for the Xbox universe, which will also arrive within the Xbox Game Pass of course, which is getting more and more bonuses every day. What do you think about these games?