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New Uncharted Game Is In Development by Naughty Dog, Journalist Says

The recent report by Jason Schreier of Bloomberg teased several new PlayStation Studio projects. After talking about a possible The Last of Us Remake, the journalist has also talked about the arrival of a possible new Uncharted game developed by Sony Bend Studio and Naughty Dog.

According to what was declared by the journalist, it seems that the project was born to be realized by both software houses, as some members of the Sony Bend Studio team would have helped during the development. However, Schreier stated that they would be afraid of being absorbed by Naughty Dog, thus asking to quit the project and work on a new game.

This is obviously an event which, if it were real, would be nothing short of serious. In fact, we are talking about two PlayStation Studios software houses, which therefore work under the same wing and who – generally – should not have conflicts of this type, but collaborate to improve all their projects.

We would like to emphasize specifically that these are not yet official statements, but a Bloomberg report that may have brought to light the aforementioned facts. Until the spokespersons of the software houses will not clarify the matter in the best possible way, therefore speaking specifically of a new Uncharted game (or of a further chapter without the classic numbering) and of the situation of Bend Studio at present, it is good not to take this information as a mere rumor.

We, therefore, wait for further information, which after the shock that Sony has suffered today could arrive very soon. Also from the same report, it emerged that Bend Studio would not be working on a sequel to its latest project and that Days Gone 2 may not be in the plans of the Japanese company for the moment.