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New TimeSplitters Is Officially Returning, Free Radical Design Studio Resurrected

As Deep Silver announced, the company will re-establish the Free Radical Design studio. It was also confirmed that Free Radical Design will then work on a new TimeSplitters. However, specific details about the successor are still pending.

New TimeSplitters is in development

In recent years, the community has been eagerly waiting for a new TimeSplitters adventure or a return of the brand. After many have already given up hope, the publisher Deep Silver has now surprisingly announced that the company will re-establish the Free Radical Design development team, which was responsible for TimeSplitters at the time.

For the re-establishment of the cult studio, according to Deep Silver, various veterans who worked on the TimeSplitters brand at the time will return – including the two founders Steve Ellis and David Doak.

“It’s this unique style that earned the TimeSplitters series a large and passionate following who will, without doubt, be excited by the formation of Deep Silver’s latest studio and will look forward to learning more as the franchise moves forward,” Paul Nicholls, Global Brand and Marketing Director at Deep Silver, commented on the start-up of Free Radical Design in a press release.

In the course of the current announcement, it was also pointed out that the newly founded studio of Free Radical Design will work on the return of the TimeSplitters brand or a new title. Since Free Radical Design is currently still taking care of the construction of the studio and work on the new TimeSplitters will not start until the next few months, no details about the comeback of the cult shooter have yet been announced.

The new Free Radical Design is located near Nottingham, England. Stay tuned to get more information on the game only on TechnClub.com.