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New Star Fox Game Leaked for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo wants to revive the Star Fox franchise even more, supporting the game with an animated series.

There is a rumor running around the internet for quite a few days. It states that a new Star Fox game is being developed for the Nintendo family of consoles, including Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED. Check out all the details below.

Nintendo Will Release a New Star Fox Game for Nintendo Switch

new star fox game leaked

According to Zippo, a famous insider with a reliable reputation, it seems that Nintendo is working on a new Star Fox game, which will walk the fine between a sequel and another reboot.

Zippo is a well-known industry insider when it comes to any leaks or rumors around Nintendo. Also, in the past, he has proven to be a reliable source on several occasions, most notably when he revealed information about Persona.

Zippo says that this new Star Fox game has been in development for quite some time. He also details that an external studio is doing it, but that it is constantly being supervised by the Big N.

Of course, the insider has not been able to find out which studio it is, although he has a list of possible developers: Bandai Namco, Next Level, Q Games, Koei Tecmo, Ubisoft, or Forever Entertainment. In addition, he says that PlatinumGames is not responsible.

As for the game itself, not much is known. What he says is that Nintendo is trying to walk a line between a sequel and a reboot. In addition, there will also be some multiplayer elements.

And if this was not enough, Nintendo wants to revive the franchise even more, supporting the game with a Star Fox animated series, which would be produced by Nintendo Pictures, the movie studio that Nintendo announced just a few weeks ago, and which will be materialized after the purchase of Dynamo Pictures.

For now, all this should be treated as a rumor. However, it is quite possible that we will soon have news about this new upcoming title of Star Fox.