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New South Park Game Teased by THQ Nordic

THQ Nordic held its digital event overnight ending it with the announcement of a new South Park game being in development.

In conclusion to tonight’s digital event, THQ Nordic may have announced that they are working on a new South Park game. Check out the complete details below.

THQ Nordic Teases New South Park Game In Development

new south park game teased by thq nordic

For many years now, there have been many reports on the web about a new game from the South Park world. The latest rumors indicate not only a production with 3D graphics (unlike recent 2D games), but a completely new project from former BioShock developers.

Meanwhile, representatives of THQ Nordic decided to provide a teaser for another game related to this popular animated series. At the end of the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 event, a video appeared indicating that THQ Nordic currently has 26 unannounced games. A moment later, the text changed to show that there are, in fact, 25 mysterious games in development.

At that point, the teaser starts with a voice that says: “It’s coming”. Then you go back to the previous graphics, with 26 turning into 25. Finally, there is an audio recording featuring Randy Marsh shouting “Hot hot hot hot!”. The players also handed over the logo related to the unannounced game. You can check the video that teases the logo of the new game below:

THQ Nordic hasn’t officially relaunched the teaser, and it’s unclear if it will. Earlier this year, it turned out that the Question studio was working on a new South Park game. The team is not owned by THQ Nordic, and it is, therefore, unlikely that the project will be the anticipated title today unless the company has managed to obtain the rights to publish.

The most recent game related to the series is South Park: The Fractured But Whole from 2017. It is possible that several games from different developers are being developed in parallel. Fans of this animation would surely want at least one of these mystery games to finally receive a trailer and release date.