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New PS5 Slim Video Leaked Online

Some video game insiders have been reporting several new PS5 models for months. Will there be a smaller slim version? Or a model with a removable disc drive? Sony hasn’t made any announcements yet, but a supposed leaked video of PS5 Slim is now circulating on the internet that is supposed to show the new console model of Sony. Check out the complete details below.

PS5 Slim Video Leaked Online

PS5 Slim Video Leaked Online

In recent days, a photo of a new PS5 Slim model has seemingly surfaced on the Chinese forum. As is so often the case, the quality is unfortunately abysmal, but the console’s exterior is clearly visible:

Now, it seems that a new PS5 Slim video has been leaked online by insiders in the gaming industry. The corresponding video for the leak below has now appeared on Twitter. As of writing this article, it’s not clear if this is an original Sony PS5 Slim, which hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. (further information in the article):

As can be seen in the image and video, the new revision of the Slim model is very similar to the original PS5, but has two black stripes running down its side panels and it appears a bit narrower at first glance.

The Australian cyber security expert and PlayStation hacker BwE_Dev provides a classification for authenticity on Twitter. A few days ago, he sent out a series of tweets that roughly described the PS5 model that has now also appeared in the photo.

Later on, he allegedly leaked a video showing the PS5 model with the identifier CFI-2016. He reproduces what he saw as follows for the new PS5 Slim console:

  • About 5 centimeters smaller, not much thinner.
  • A strange “curve” in the middle.
  • The fan inlets are smaller.
  • Two black slots on each side of the case.
  • The Blu-Ray drive is not as strongly curved.
  • PlayStation buttons are embossed on the back.
  • Two USB-C ports on the front.

Overall, according to his statements, it is not a slim model, the console actually seems too big for that. Thinking back to the PS4 Slim though, it wasn’t that much smaller than the standard PS4 either.

In addition, the letters A and B at the end of the model identifier are omitted from the supposed PS5 Slim. So far, they actually stand for the disc version (A) and the digital edition (B).

Therefore, due to the horrible image quality of the leaked materials, it’s hard to tell if everything was edited or created from scratch. Sony has not yet commented on the existence of a PS5 Slim and the poor quality could also disguise a cleverly distributed fake.