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New PS5 Model Runs Hotter Due To Smaller Heatsink, Teardown Video Reveals

According to a teardown video, the new PS5 model is lighter than the previous model, but could run hotter.

Late last year the PS5 was officially released with a design that was no longer compact and lightweight. Now it is reported in a number of countries that Sony has released a new model of PS5 which is thought to be the latest design version, and which is lighter for the PS5 Digital Edition version and could run hotter.

New PS5 Model could run hotter according to a teardown video

Some time ago, Sony announced that their new generation of gaming consoles, PS5, will get a new model. It turns out that the new version of the PS5 model has a lighter weight, but heats up faster than the previous model.

This latest PS5 model still looks to have the same shape design, according to a video uploaded by Austin Evans on YouTube. He claims that the weight of the latest PS5 purchased from Japan has a lighter weight but the difference is not much.

According to an analysis by the YouTuber, Sony seems to be changing the materials used in some of its components. The difference in weight from the original PS5 Digital Edition is only around 300 grams, that is, only 4.5 percent.

The results of the teardown or disassembly of the inside of the PS5 Digital Edition revealed that the cooling system or heatsink uses a different material which Evans claims looks cheaper. It is known that this section is very crucial considering that slim electronic devices with a long enough duration of use must produce a heating effect.

Of course, this results in higher heat temperatures on the latest PS5 Digital Edition model. Evan was monitoring the temperature on the latest PS5 Digital Edition while playing the game Astro’s Playroom and it was noted that the device temperature was three to five degrees celsius higher than the first PS5 Digital Edition model.

Despite the noise level, the latest or lighter PS5 Digital Edition model manages to work more quietly than the previous model at 42.1db to 43.5db.

For those of you who are curious about the heatsink in the revised PS5 model, you can watch the video from Austin Evans below.