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New Painkiller Game Is In Development, It’s Official

A new teaser anticipated the arrival of the new Painkiller game, a title developed by Saber Interactive shown in a very first image.

New Painkiller Game is in development

A new Painkiller game is officially in development, the Polish cult series that gave birth to a real revolution in the field of first-person shooters will soon arrive on the new Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 platforms, but without forgetting PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, as confirmed by a new teaser.

In addition to the beautiful screenshot teaser shown there is not much information about it, except to stay alert for more news. You can check the screenshot at the top of this news.

For those unfamiliar with the Painkiller saga, this one sees Daniel Garner die together with his wife Catherine in a tragic accident, but his pains do not end like this: the man’s soul in fact ends up in purgatory wherein the presence of the angel Samael a proposal is made that is to defeat hordes of demons prepared by Satan himself and drive Lucifer back into the abyss of hell.

Daniel reluctantly accepts the task entrusted to him, aiming for the eternal reward that is to be able to reunite with the woman he loved in heaven (since she has crossed the threshold of the celestial world).

During his adventure, Daniel will not remain a candid soul, in fact, he is allowed to transform into a Demon and for a few seconds, free the power of the damned souls that he has absorbed during his reclamation by destroying everything in his path. Once the demonic fury is over, it will return to its original form.

Painkiller was developed by People Can Fly, while this new chapter will be developed by Saber Interactive, the author of Crysis Remastered and several ports, as well as World War Z. According to what has been declared, this will also take care of the co-publication of the game, together with that of the new Prime Matter label.

Over time the title has had several expansions and also a remake in 2012 developed by The Farm 51 under the name of Painkiller: Hell & Damnation.