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New Naughty Dog Game Has a Fantasy Setting, According to a Leak

According to a leak from a PlayStation insider, the new Naughty Dog game will feature a fantasy setting and it is in development now.

It has been a while since we have had news of the new Naughty Dog game, although in these hours the news has leaked that the title will – perhaps – feature a fantasy setting, something very new for the studio. Check out all the details below.

New Naughty Dog Game Features a Fantasy Setting, Leak Suggests

new naughty dog game has a fantasy setting leaked

Outside of The Last of Us, the Naughty Dog developers are remembered for a large number of successful series. When it comes to an unrealistic setting, the only things we remember are the Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter franchises, both of which have been sidelined for years.

The intellectual properties of Uncharted and TLOU have both proved to be precious gems for Sony, although apparently now is the time to look further.

According to a rumor circulated by OopsLeaks on Twitter, this new Naughty Dog game will have a fantasy setting and will be developed without the involvement of Neil Druckmann, the game director of The Last of Us, which could be perceived by many as bad news.

Unfortunately, no other information has been disclosed, which makes it really difficult to figure out what this new intellectual property might be all about.

But not only that: the leaker also suggested that The Last of Us 2’s multiplayer mode could be released before 2023, defined as a Tarkov-style MMO experience (the leaker also referred to The Day Before as a source of inspiration).

Recall that in 2021 Hyoung Nam, senior concept artist of Naughty Dog, had published three new artworks with fantasy settings, which later turned out to be nothing. But not only that: in recent weeks Naughty Dog had said it was possible for the arrival of Uncharted 5, given that hope is, as always, there.

Finally, in December 2021 the American studio had welcomed a new author, who also worked on the script for the remarkable Subnautica Below Zero. It is none other than Zaire Lanier, who confirmed her new job through a post published on her official Twitter profile.