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New Mass Effect Game Teaser Trailer Released At The Game Awards 2020

The new Mass Effect game returns. And it seems that Shepard’s story will continue. The first teaser trailer for the BioWare game provides quite plausible evidence of this. The publication of the new part is still a long time in coming.

BioWare and Electronic Arts provide a first look at the new Mass Effect game with a teaser trailer. The clip was presented at The Game Awards 2020, from which The Last of Us Part 2 emerged as the winner.

The trailer included below does not include any gameplay scenes and only provides a rough idea of ​​what the players can expect with the new part of the Mass Effect series. But there are a few interesting hints.

First of all, after the release of the teaser trailer, the assumption arose that the new part would tie in with the events of Mass Effect 3 after the previous game Mass Effect Andromeda took a slightly different path. The video shows the remains of a destroyed space station that is somewhat reminiscent of the Citadel. The state would fit the end of Mass Effect 3.

In the video for Mass Effect, a hooded figure also appears who wanders over an icy planet, while a destroyed reaper can be seen in the background. Later it becomes clear: It is Asari Liara, one of Shepard’s close companions. At the end of the clip, she comes across N7 armor that creates a direct link to Shepard.

However, you shouldn’t expect the sequel too soon. According to the developers, development is in a very early phase: “Get a sneak peek at the next chapter of the Mass Effect universe. A veteran team at BioWare is in the early stages of what is on the horizon for the Mass Effect franchise, and we are excited to show you where we’ll be heading next,” says the video description.

For many games of this size, the reference to an early development phase meant that the launch would still be a few years away. At least in the coming year, there will likely be no launch.