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New Half-Life Game Leaked via Gamescom Mobile App

It seems that the official Gamescom 2023 mobile application has leaked an upcoming announcement related to Half-Life game.

Half-Life is the most famous Valve series ever, as well as one of the most loved FPS of all time. The second chapter indeed has a special place in the hearts of many players. Now, it seems that the official mobile app of Gamescom 2023 leaked an upcoming announcement of a new Half-Life title. Check out all the details below.

New Half-Life Game Leaked by Gamescom App

New Half-Life Game Leaked via Gamescom Mobile App

Now, after someone has made a “remake” of Half-Life 2 in the style of the classic Resident Evil, it seems that soon there could be official news about the future of the series.

As reported on Reddit, in fact, it seems that the official mobile application of Gamescom 2023 has leaked an announcement relating to Half-Life. According to the app, Valve will be present at the Cologne fair, all accompanied by the “Half-Life” tag that leaves very little room for the imagination.

Be careful, though, as it probably won’t be the announcement of the elusive Half-Life 3 (a game that has become a meme), but logically it could be a port of Half-Life Alyx for PS VR2. Or, why not, Valve could announce the sequel to Alyx, the virtual reality chapter that has achieved some success among PC players equipped with a Virtual Reality Headset.

We will obviously keep you updated as soon as we get more information on it, presumably during the next month of August, i.e. when the 2023 edition of Gamescom in Cologne will start.

Meanwhile, speaking of other projects made by fans, a second unofficial remake of Half-Life 2 was shown a few weeks ago, made with the UNIGINE 2 graphics engine and it definitely seems interesting. Check the trailer below:

But that’s not all, since recently some fans have gone even further, bringing the second chapter of the Valve series to the hybrid console of Nintendo Switch as well. Indeed, modders have already figured out how to play Half-Life 2 on the Nintendo console.

The first of these videos appears to come from Twitter user OatmealDome, who posted a clip of a section of the game running on the hybrid platform and that can be seen in action below. According to OatmealDome, the game runs on the Switch version of Portal 1. Proposed in playable form, Half-Life 2 seems to run quite well (even if it seems to crash from time to time), in addition to the fact that it is certainly not the complete game.