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New Dead Space Game Is Reportedly In Development & Inspired by Resident Evil Remakes

In the past few days, there have been many rumors about the imminent arrival of a new Dead Space game. Today, we have received new information, according to which EA is working on a remake of the game inspired by Capcom’s Resident Evil remakes.

New Dead Space game is in development at EA

These fresh details can be traced back to Jeff Grubb, who initially confirmed parts of his colleagues’ reports. As he claims to have found out, fans of the Dead Space brand can look forward to a reboot of the IP in the form of a “full-fledged remake” that would be produced by EA Motive (Star Wars: Squadrons).

This new edition of the Dead Space franchise should be based on the Resident Evil remakes published by Capcom in recent years. The very first Dead Space game should serve as the basis, but this should be revised both technically and playfully. According to Grubb, the upcoming title should offer “modern visuals” as well as probably “new gameplay mechanics” that were inspired by other titles in the series.

Speaking of Capcom, as Grubb explains, the success of the Resident Evil series in recent years has led Electronic Arts to give its horror franchise a new chance. In a sense, Capcom “provided an easy blueprint for EA,” which the US company now only has to follow.

Since these are only unconfirmed rumors, the statements of Grubb should be viewed with a certain amount of skepticism. Allegedly EA is planning the official unveiling of the new Dead Space game for an event this month.