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Untitled Black Panther & Captain America WWII Game Trailer Showcased by Marvel

Captain America and Black Panther are towering in Amy Hennig's new mysterious game, unveiled (but unnamed) at D23.

During D23, a new Marvel game starring Black Panther, Captain America, and two more protagonists was announced, developed by Skydance New Media, the studio of Amy Hennig (creator of Uncharted). As reported, the game intends to have a strong narrative component, with a different approach to the Marvel Universe. Check out all the details below.

New Black Panther & Captain America WWII Game Trailer Revealed

new black panther & captain america wwii game trailer

After a rumor, the Disney & Marvel Games Showcase finally brought the expected announcement of a new project by the author of Uncharted. As it was previously clear, Amy Hennig and Skydance Media revealed a new game from the world of Marvel, which will take us to the period of World War II, where Captain America and Black Panther fight against Hydra.

The trailer shows the Eiffel Tower, the streets of the 1940s, ancient pistols, the Hydra file, and then Captain America’s scratched shield. This confirms recent speculations.

At the end of the trailer, Captain America, Black Panther, an American soldier, and a Wakandan warrior appear, although the trailer does not reveal who they are. Captain America is undoubtedly Steve Rogers, while Black Panther is probably the King of the Azzuri. The American soldier, meanwhile, may be Bucky Barnes, who later becomes the Winter Soldier.

In the comics, Azzuri is initially hostile towards Rogers, viewing Nazis and American soldiers alike – as hostile invaders. When Captain America first visits Wakanda, he finds the heads of Nazi soldiers impaled on wooden spikes to drive off the newcomers, but the two end up fighting alongside Nick Fury and the Howling Commandos against Hydra and the Red Skull. And since the game is set in World War 2, it’s quite possible that the Red Skull will appear as the main villain.

There is speculation that it will be a four-player co-op game. The teaser suggests four heroes, two worlds, and one war.

The project (as yet untitled) was previously officially described as a high-quality action-adventure that will be created in Unreal Engine 4. It is therefore designated as AAA and will offer an action adventure with a rich, engaging, and completely original story and perspective on the world of Marvel.

Check out the trailer of this untitled game below.