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New BioShock Game Might Be Open-World, Job Listings Suggest

The still young development studio Cloud Chambers, which is responsible for the production of a new Bioshock game among other things, is currently looking for new employees. The job advertisements published for this purpose tell us exactly what kind of game it is.

A year ago 2K Games announced that they were working on a new BioShock game. However, little information is available on this title so far. In any case, a new development studio called Cloud Chamber was founded for production, which has both an American and a Canadian location.

Cloud Chamber has now published new job postings that reveal interesting details about the game. According to the information, the new Bioshock game could offer a completely different gaming experience than its predecessors. The departure of the former creative director Ken Levine already indicated that the sequel will be very different from earlier parts.

The job advertisement for a lead system designer mentions that the new title will take place in a sandbox world. The successful applicant for this position should be responsible for interactive world systems, player growth systems, and progress as well as game balance and economics, among other things.

An advertisement relating to a Senior Voice Designer can also be seen. This should take care of the design of the dialog systems, the asset pipeline, and various tools. Then it is mentioned that this is an ambitious, narrative project with character. Another ad is looking for a game AI programmer who should create a meaningful urban AI crowd system.

All of this points to an RPG-heavy game that has a freely accessible game world. Although the BioShock series has always included role-playing elements and invited the player to explore, it was ultimately a relatively linear story experience.

In any case, it will be a long time before Bioshock 4 goes on sale. Work on the game only started at the end of last year and the job advertisements mentioned above show that the young development studio is still under construction.