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Netflix Cancels Resident Evil Series Just After One Season

Goodbye Resident Evil and thanks for nothing.

Netflix has recently released its live-action series dedicated to Resident Evil, unfortunately not doing the math with a really embarrassing quality level. Now, it has been confirmed that the Resident Evil series has been just canceled by Netflix just after one season. Check out all the details below.

Resident Evil Series Canceled by Netflix After One Season

netflix cancels resident evil series just after one season

Ignoring classics like Resident Evil 4, the Netflix series of Resident Evil focuses on a completely new plot but has still managed to disappoint historical fans and newcomers. Now, although the showrunner’s idea was to make a possible second season in new and unexpected directions, apparently it won’t.

According to a report by Deadline, in fact, it was reported that Resident Evil series has been officially canceled by Netflix after just one season. The streaming platform has decided not to give the green light to the second season of the action-horror show loosely based on the popular video game series.

The news, which comes a month and a half after the release of the series (which took place on July 14th), is not very surprising, although it must be said that Resident Evil debuted in second place (surpassed only by Stranger Things) with 72.7 millions of hours viewed.

Unfortunately, the collapse of this series saw it drop out of the Top 10 after just three weeks, coupled with a mediocre score of 55% on Rotten Tomatoes: this must have convinced the Netflix’s head of the department to pull the plug.

For the time being, it is not clear if Netflix will decide to exploit the brand differently, perhaps with a new series or animated movie dedicated to Biohazard. Still talking about the now defunct live-action series, the actor who plays Wesker had admitted that he knew nothing of the original games.

Do you regret that the second season of Netflix’s Resident Evil can never be completed, or would it have been a shame to continue the series?