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Neo: The World Ends With You Release Date Confirmed for PS4, Nintendo Switch, & PC

Square Enix has released a trailer for NEO: The World Ends With You, announcing its release date. The game will be released on July 27, 2021, on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, while on PC (via the Epic Games Store), it will arrive later this year.

The trailer shows several factions and their respective characters that will be present: Rindo, Fret, Nagi, and Minamimoto. The game will have several playable characters, to whom it will be possible to equip pins that will give powerful special abilities.

The combat system will be in real-time and the player will have a party consisting of 4 characters. The video shows that it will be possible to perform long aerial combos. There will also be an equipment system to manage.

The title is the sequel to The World Ends With You (originally released on Nintendo DS), more precisely to its anime adaptation. It will follow the events of the new protagonist Rindo, who will find himself in the Game of the Reaper, in Shibuya. Characters from the first chapter will also return, such as Sho Minamimoto (which will be playable) and Koki Karya.

This time the game will be in 3D and you can explore Tokyo. The graphic style and character design (curated by Tetsuya Nomura) is evidently inspired by anime and seems at first sight rather original. Recall that the previous chapter was in 2D and took full advantage of the touch controls of the Nintendo portable console. The title has also undergone porting to mobile and Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, a set of title merchandise is available for purchase for $89.99. The package contains a pin of the protagonist and one of the pins that give the powers in the game, the plush of a black cat, and two bags, one for women and one for men.

We just have to wait for the release date of the sequel, hoping that it is at least at the same qualitative level as its predecessor. At least, following the announcement of the release date of NEO: The World Ends With You, we know how long we’ll have to wait.