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Naughty Dog Is Working on Multiplayer Game with Live Service Elements

Could the Uncharted and The Last of Us makers of Naughty Dog be working on a multiplayer title with live service elements? This assumption is suggested by at least one current vacancy from the development studio looking for an economy designer.

A few days ago, Naughty Dogs Creative Director and Co-President Neil Druckmann pointed out that his studio was working on several “cool things” behind the scenes. While Druckmann did not want to go into more detail in this regard, a current job advertisement from Naughty Dog is causing fresh speculation.

With this, the developer studio based in Santa Monica, California, is looking for an economy designer to support Naughty Dog in a multiplayer project with live operation and player progress. Among other things, the said job advertisement could indicate that the studio is currently working on a multiplayer title in which it will be possible to unlock and use additional cosmetic content.

Other areas in which potential interested parties will work include the implementation and balancing of the in-game economy, various player progression systems, and the design of the project itself.

What Naughty Dog is currently working on in detail is still unclear. However, it is speculated that we could be dealing with the possible multiplayer component of The Last of Us: Part 2. This was postponed at the time because, according to the studio, it was simply too ambitious to be completed by the release of The Last of Us: Part 2.

Instead, the concepts should be taken up at a later point in time. Now it could possibly be that time.