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Naughty Dog Working on Another Post-Apocalyptic Game like The Last of Us, Job Posting Suggests

Naughty Dog's new job listing teases some details about its next game featuring post-apocalyptic setting.

Naughty Dog never intends to stop, after having officially finished work on the PS5 remake of The Last of Us just a few months ago, the talented development team is already working on a new post-apocalyptic game. Check out the complete details below.

Naughty Dog Could Be Working on Another Post-Apocalyptic Title like The Last of Us

naughty dog working on another post-apocalyptic game like the last of us

A new job announcement published by Naughty Dog studio may in fact have revealed a new “heir” of The Last of Us. It should in fact be a new AAA title with realistic settings in a post-apocalyptic world.

We already knew that the company was working on a top-secret project, but the team had kept a strict silence, without leaking even a little information about it.

And while fans are already convinced that they have already found the first clues about the next game in The Last of Us Part I, which would hide elements of the fantasy setting in a realistic context, the job offer anticipates that the next project could present a huge level of detail and become an heir to The Last of Us.

In fact, the announcement indicates that Naughty Dog is currently looking for an experienced game artist, able to create “different outfits, people and animals” for a realistic setting, as well as knowing “texturing for clothing with an emphasis on wear including grime, giving each asset a backstory through damage and dirt.”

It is in fact underlined that it will be a high-quality production and that it places a lot of attention on the imperfections of the characters, together with the skillful use of numerous graphic effects. We do not know for sure what to expect from this new production, but it seems that the authors of The Last of Us once again want to leave nothing to chance.

Should further official confirmations arrive on the new realistic and interesting Naughty Dog project, we will obviously keep you updated on our pages, as currently, in fact, no further details have arrived on this new title.