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MultiVersus Leak Suggests Black Adam and Stripe Are Coming in Season 1

A leak reveals in advance the characters who would be arriving in the MultiVersus roster, with even the beloved Black Adam and Stripe.

MultiVersus is undoubtedly one of the most talked about games of the moment and the free-to-play that, with its open beta, is keeping many fans company. Its rich roster is also aiding its success, featuring a myriad of much-loved pop culture characters ready to face each other in a no holds barred platform brawler. So, while the developers prepare nerfs that can rebalance the characters a little more powerful than the rest of the cast, here is a leak that may have already revealed who will be the next protagonists to join the fight: Black Adam and Stripe.

Black Adam and Stripe Are Coming To MultiVersus

multiversus leak suggests black adam and stripe coming in season 1

According to reports, in fact, an advertising banner showing two new characters is running online prematurely and by mistake on the Xbox stores.

The first is Black Adam, the (anti) DC hero played by The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) who will see a film’s debut on the big screen in October. At this point, considering that the character could be launched precisely to echo the film, it remains to be understood whether as for other performers – think of Maisie Williams for Arya Stark – it will be The Rock to give the voice to his character within MultiVersus.

The other fighter revealed by the leak is instead the unstoppable Stripe, leading the Gremlins of the homonymous saga. Also in this case, as for Black Adam, previously there had been no rumors suggesting his possible arrival in the game’s roster – while some leakers had instead aired that of Gizmo.

At this point, considering that the sponsored banner could not have been loaded by mistake on the Xbox store, but simply shown ahead of time, we just have to wait for the official announcement by Warner Bros.: it just seems like a formality before Black Adam and Stripe will join the MultiVersus roster.

You can try MultiVersus for free in open beta on all major platforms, except Nintendo Switch. The game, we remember, has also scheduled the imminent debut of its Season 1.