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Monster Hunter Stories 2 Demo for Nintendo Switch Available for Download

You can now try Monster Hunter Stories 2 totally free on Nintendo Switch, as its demo will allow you to transfer your progress to the full game, reach level 11 and get a talisman for Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo download

There is nothing left for the launch of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin, the next action RPG and turn-based combat game in the Monster Hunter saga in which instead of ending the life of every creature that crosses our way, we can also tame them and fight alongside them.

Luckily and to liven up the wait, Monster Hunter Stories 2 demo is now available on Nintendo Switch (you can download it from Nintendo eShop). In addition, as Capcom has announced on its official website, this same demo will arrive on PC through Steam on July 9, the same day the game will release worldwide.

This free trial version of the game will allow us to enjoy the beginning of the story, modify the appearance of the Rider, test the combat system, etc. All progress can be transferred to the full version. Having save data from the demo grants the binding talisman for Monster Hunter Rise.

The trial version takes up 2.8 GB of space in the internal memory of the hybrid console or on the microSD card. There are some limitations: Base Connect is not available in the demo, as local and online multiplayer is unlocked from the point where the demo ends. Also, there is one save slot here, but in the end game, there will be three.

In the trial version, you can reach a maximum level 11. You can continue playing after reaching that level, but it will not increase the experience.