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Monster Hunter Rise Could Be Timed Exclusive on Nintendo Switch

Capcom has recently been the subject of a serious hack, which has unearthed a large number of new information on future versions of its titles, including the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise, which will be a timed exclusive for the Nintendo Switch.

The news had already been leaked that Monster Hunter Rise would arrive on PC in the course of 2021, although we remind you that Capcom has yet to officially announce it. However, a few hours ago it was revealed that Nintendo paid around $6 million for timed exclusivity. Monster Hunter Rise will launch on Nintendo Switch in March 2021, and should therefore arrive on PC in October.

Interestingly, other documents revealed that Capcom has discussed internally that the title will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive game, which suggests that Nintendo could have paid more money to completely block Monster Hunter Rise. However, it appears that Capcom has decided not to leave the game on a single platform.

We must therefore underline that for the software house the Switch version will be “difficult to sell” in China, but the measures “related to the brand” would instead make the release on PC a success.

During the recent The Game Awards 2020, Capcom also released a new trailer along with news about its other projects of this Monster Hunter Rise, in which we see the unpublished monsters you can face as well as some movies of the story.

The release of a demo is also confirmed for January 2021, certainly excellent for testing the title before its full release scheduled for March 26 of the same year and, at this point, also on PC over the coming months.

We just have to wait for official confirmations or denials from Capcom, which can also count on the flagship title of the saga also on PlayStation and Xbox, or Monster Hunter World and its Iceborne expansion.