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How to Play Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Early Access?

Players will get chance to try out some campaign missions in in Modern Warfare 3 Early Access. Here are full details on Early Access date and time.

COD Modern Warfare 3 is releasing on November 10, 2023. The game is available on Pre-order with some exclusive benefits. Also, COD MW3 will be having all Early Access where players can enjoy the full campaign ahead of the launch date but with some restrictions. So here is a detailed guide on how to play Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Early access on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

How to Unlock Modern Warfare 3 Campaign Early Access?

COD MW3 Early Access Editions

To unlock MW3 Early Access, you will have to pre-order the game. There are two Modern Ware 3 versions available. They are MW3 Vault Edition and MW3 Cross-Gen/Standard Edition. Both editions come with Early Access to the Campaign option, but the Vault Edition brings out more exclusive gift packs for players.

  1. Visit COD MW3 Pre-Order Site.
  2. Select your Edition and click on the Pre-order button.
  3. Select your platform from PS, Xbox, or PC.
  4. Complete your purchase after adding the game to the cart.

Those who had pre-ordered the game can play the full Modern Warfare 3 Campaign a week earlier of the launch. The game will be available for pre-load 24 hours to a couple of days before the Early Access date. So let’s say the MW3 is going to release on November, 10. Players who had pre-ordered can unlock the MW3 Campaign on the 3rd or 4th of November, 2023.  Here is the list of exclusive MW3 Vault Edition pre-order gifts.

COD MW3 Battle Pass

  • COD: MW3 Base Game.
  • Early Access to the Campaign.
  • Zombie Ghost Operator Skin.
  • Soul Harvester Tracer Weapon Blueprint.
  • Nemesis Operator Pack.
  • 2 Weapon Vaults.
  • BlackCell (1 Season) + 30 Additional Tier Skips.
  • Lockpick Operator Pack (PS Exclusive)

The first three items in the above list are packs of Standard Edition, and others are restricted to Valut Edition only.

What is BlackCell in COD MW3?

BlackCell is a Battle Pass bundle, and if you buy MW3 Vault Edition then you will get a Battle Pass, BlackCell Sector which is a pack of CP, Battle Tocken Tier Skips, etc. This allows players on PC to skip 20 Tiers and 25 on PlayStation. Also, players will get 1400 COD Points, a Battle Pass Map, and instantly unlocked Battle Pass Sectors.

MW3 is a direct sequel to MW2 where Captain Price and Task Force 141 is once again back in action. This time there is a twist, Task Force 141 will have to deal with hordes of zombies in the open world. The game will have one of the largest zombie maps ever used in the franchise. Modern Warfare Zombies has a Treyarch Zombies mission, which is a separate storyline.  Call of Duty Modern Warfare is releasing on November 10 2023 on PS5 + PS4, Xbox X + S + One, Battle.net (PC), and Steam (PC).