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MLB The Show 21: Players Demand Free PS Plus version after Xbox Game Pass Announcement

MLB The Show 21 will be available for free via Xbox Game Pass at no additional cost. This is a decision that is causing outrage among many PlayStation players. They are basically criticizing the lack of a PS Plus version.

The inclusion of a previously exclusive PlayStation franchise, which was announced this week, caused even more outrage: MLB The Show 21 is not only being released for the first time on Xbox, but the owners of Xbox Game Pass can also press the download button at launch without having to pay an additional cent. PlayStation players willing to buy, however, will dig deep into their pockets.

While Xbox players get MLB The Show 21 for free, the calls for a PlayStation Plus version of the title are getting louder. Many gamers are asking Sony to make MLB The Show 21 available to PlayStation Plus players at no additional cost. Below you can read a few opinions from the Twitter community:

“@PlayStation: a PlayStation published game is coming to Game Pass and NOT PlayStation Plus??…”

“I own a PS4, PS5, PS Plus, and PS Now. But because I don’t own Xbox Game Pass, I don’t receive the same benefits from PlayStation-made games at launch? Okay.”

“What a great look for Xbox and Xbox Game Pass. What a terrible look for PlayStation and PlayStation Plus.”

“Time to call out @PlayStation here. Can’t be quiet anymore. We’re paying £70 for these games but they’re in gamepass day one. For the record I have no interest in MLB but Sonys silence is getting annoying here.”

“I’ve paid for MLB the Show every year at launch for the past decade and now Sony gives it away for free on Xbox?? Their own game? I’m happy for baseball fans but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I guess Games Pass is in fact, a better service than PlayStation Plus.”

Using the example of MLB The Show 21, the Game Pass proves once again that it has the potential to turn the console and games market upside down. New consoles in particular are often subsidized in order to achieve a viable business model with the sale of games. Sony is still sticking to it.

Microsoft, on the other hand, is investing billions of dollars in expanding the Game Pass offering without keeping its own consoles in focus. The aim is to address billions of potential players – for example via the in-house streaming service. The Xbox chief Phil Spencer and other company representatives emphasized this several times.

What do you think of the inclusion of MLB The Show 21 in the Xbox Game Pass? Do such decisions have an impact on your purchase intentions?