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How To Make And Use A Bed In Minecraft

Wondering how to craft or make a Bed in Minecraft? Check out our guide to find out everything about it.

Be it after surviving countless hordes of mobs or mining precious Diamonds, it’s crucial to have a bed in Minecraft. You might want to pull an all-nighter across the various biomes. However, crafting a bed has many uses as you progress in this game. While being a haven against the adversities of the Overworld at night, you can use it to pass the time. Instead of starting over from random locations, it is better to spawn at your home. But without crafting and using a bed, it’s not possible to spawn at your home.

Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to make a Bed in Minecraft. In our guide, you can find out its required crafting materials and its uses. So, here’s all you need to know.

How to Make a Bed in Minecraft

how to make a bed in minecraft
Image Source – Flascoe on YouTube.

You can craft or make a Bed using three Wool and three Wood Planks. For the Wool, you need to equip or craft the Shears tool if you don’t have it.

So, follow the below steps:

  • You can craft the Shears by placing two Iron Ingots diagonally in the Crafting grid. If you don’t have Iron Ingots, you can smelt the Iron Ore in the Furnace.
  • Once you have crafted the Shears equipment, you need to find some Sheep. You can find these passive mobs mainly in grassy biomes.
  • As you find them, equip the Shears and interact with a sheep to collect 3 Wool. These mobs usually drop 2-3 Wool.
  • Open or make a Crafting Table if you haven’t crafted it already. To do so, place 4 Wood Planks of any type in the 2×2 Crafting grid.
  • Once crafted, place 3 wool in the first row and 3 Wood Planks in the second to make a bed.
  • Lastly, place the Bed at your preferred location on the ground.

Note that you can craft Colored Beds by combining the used Wool with a colored dye. You must use colored wool as your crafting ingredient while making a Bed.

How to Use a Bed

You can use the Bed at night to pass the time until morning. All you need to do is head close to the bed and interact with it. While sleeping in the Bed skips through the night, it also creates a new spawn point. So, if you die in the Overworld, you will spawn or appear from that location. It’s also worth noting that you can use Beds only in the Overworld. If you attempt to sleep in a Bed in the Nether, it will explode and set the surrounding blocks on fire.

You will be rewarded with the Sweet Dreams Advancement whenever you use a Bed for the first time.

That’s everything covered about how to make a Bed in Minecraft. If you liked and found this guide helpful, explore more Minecraft guides and Gaming-related content in our dedicated section right here on Technclub.