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How To Make Concrete In Minecraft

Wondering how to make Concrete in Minecraft? Check out our guide to find out everything about crafting Concrete and Concrete powder.

Minecraft features a plethora of useful blocks, resources, and items for players to craft. Concrete is one of the blocks that is created when any any-colored or uncolored concrete powder touches water. Being a great building resource that is available in various colors, it can be used for decorating or building various structures. But that said, you cannot create or craft it directly. Instead, you can create Concrete by crafting and using the concrete powder first. So, check out our guide on how to make Concrete powder and Concrete in Minecraft

How to Make Concrete Powder in Minecraft

You can make Concrete powder by using the required materials on the Crafting table. For the crafting recipe, you can place the materials on any blocks with a colored dye.

So, here are all the materials to craft Concrete powder:

  • 4 Gravel Blocks
  • 4 Sand Blocks
  • 1 Colored Dye

After you place all the above items in the Crafting table, it gives you 8 units of Concrete powder. For Gravel blocks, you can head to the Gravel Mountains to find a plentiful of them. While for the Sand Blocks, head over to an Island or Desert biome. If you don’t have any colored dyes, you can hunt and kill the skeletons.

make concrete in minecraft
Image Source – Stingray Productions on YouTube.

How to Make Concrete

Once you have received Concrete powder, head over to any water body to make Concrete. Before you head there, ensure that you have a Pickaxe to harvest it.

So, follow the below steps to craft Concrete in Minecraft:

  • For that, you must place the powder in the water or above the water.
  • As you do so, you can see the concrete powder turning into Concrete blocks.
  • Then, use the Pickaxe to mine Concrete.
  • Finally, collect the blocks to place them in your Inventory.

Note that once you craft any colored blocks, there is no way to change their colors. So, ensure that you use your preferred colors before using the colored dye.

That’s everything covered about how to make Concrete in Minecraft. If you liked and found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to grow Mangrove trees, how to make Terracotta, and explore more Minecraft Guides right here on Technclub.