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Minecraft: How To Install Vanilla Tweaks

Want to install Vanilla Tweaks for Minecraft? Here's our step-by-step installation guide to add these tweaks into your game.

While Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, its Vanilla gaming experience can be a bit stagnant and boring at times. For such players, Vanilla Tweaks can be a life-saver as it tweaks the parts of the base game to improve the experience to the next level. That said, it supports the latest Minecraft version starting from the 1.13 update.

You can add new Resource packs, Data packs, and various Crafting tweaks designed to upgrade your vanilla game. Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to install the Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks. So, here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to Install Vanilla Tweaks for Minecraft

You can install the Vanilla Tweaks by downloading your preferred Resource packs, and data packs, and crafting tweaks from their website. However, the installation process for each of them slightly differs for all.

How to Install Resource Packs

Follow the below steps:

  • Head to the Vanilla Tweaks website (link) and pick the Resource Packs option.
  • Select your Minecraft version and Resource packs from different categories.
  • After selecting the packs, press the Download button under the Preview section to your left. This will download a zip file with all of your selected Resource packs.
  • Launch the Minecraft and head to the Options from the Main Menu.
  • Over there, head to the Resource Packs screen and click on the “Open Resource Pack folder” option.
  • Drag and drop the downloaded Vanilla Tweaks zip file into Minecraft.
  • Finally, reload the Resource Packs screen to find all the resource packs in the list.

Install Minecraft Vanilla Tweaks

How to Install Data Packs and Crafting Tweaks

Follow the below steps:

  • Like the previous method, head to the website and pick the Data Packs or crafting Tweaks.
  • Select all the suitable packs you want to add to the game. Remember to select your update version before you do so.
  • Download the zip file of your downloaded packs and launch Minecraft.
  • Click on “Single Player” from the Main Menu.
  • Select the world where you want to install Data Packs or Crafting Tweaks.
  • Press the Edit button and select the “Open World Folder” option.
  • Copy and paste the zip file of your downloaded Data Packs or Crafting Tweaks to that folder.
  • You must extract all the files into the folder for only installing Data Packs in Minecraft.
  • So, right-click on the Data Packs zip file and select the “Extract all” option from the drag-down menu.
  • Move all the files into the folder where all the extracted files are. Also, delete the “UNZIP_ME” folder and file.
  • If your world is already open, reload to see the Data Packs and Crafting Tweaks.

As confirmed by the website, don’t download the Data Packs if you are a Minecraft Realms player. Even if you have been using it, we recommend removing or disabling them.

That’s all about how to install Vanilla Tweaks for Minecraft. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to use Circle Generator, and explore more Minecraft Guides and Gaming-related content right here on Technclub.