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How To Breed Turtles In Minecraft

Wondering how to breed Turtles in Minecraft? Check out our guide to find out everything about it.

With a plethora of mobs in Minecraft, Turtles are passive mobs that drop several helpful resources or items. While found only in the Beach biomes, sea turtles are the only source of Scutes. This item is dropped from the baby turtles that can be used to make turtle shells and then brew, Potion of the Turtle Master. But for that, you must breed Turtles in Minecraft to fully reap their benefits.

Don’t worry, here’s how to breed Turtles and all the items they can drop. So, here’s everything you need to know.

How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft

How to Breed Turtles in Minecraft
Image Source – RajCraft on YouTube.

You can breed Sea Turtles by bringing them together and feeding Sea Grass to both of them. Once you find them. you can lure them by equipping Sea Grass. For mining it, you can equip the Shears and head to any water body to collect it.

So, follow the below steps to breed Turtles in Minecraft:

  • Feed the sea turtles the Seagrass for them to enter the love mode. You will see hearts hovering above both the turtles.
  • Wait for some time until one of them becomes pregnant. You will find that one of the turtles has grown larger due to their eggs.
  • You need to follow the bigger turtle as it returns to their home beach. This is the biome where it originally spawned and will lay eggs.
  • A turtle can lay 1-4 Turtle Eggs that can hatch in 4-5 nights.
  • These usually lay eggs in the nearby Sand or Red Sand biome.
  • You can use the Silk Touch enchantment to mine the Turtle eggs safely. That said, you can break the egg if you don’t have the Enchantment.
  • Then, you must wait 4-5 days in-game for the Turtle eggs to hatch.
  • Once a baby turtle becomes an adult, it drops a scute.

You can build an Animal Farm for the baby turtles to be somewhere safe once their eggs hatch. That’s because several hostile mobs can kill these baby turtles. These predators include Zombie variants of all types, Goats, Withers, Ravagers, and more.

Sea Turtle Drops

Here are the following rewards that a Sea Turtle drops when it dies:

  • Sea Grass
  • Wooden Bowl (if killed by lightning)
  • Scute

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