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Microsoft has founded “Vault,” New Subsidiary That Will Acquire Bethesda

After upsetting the industry with the acquisition of ZeniMax and Bethesda last September, Microsoft is preparing to conclude the negotiation in the coming weeks and in these days it has presented to the European Commission all the documents that define this change of ownership between the two companies.

Thanks to these purely bureaucratic processes, however, reference is made to many interesting details about this acquisition, including the foundation of a subsidiary company founded by Microsoft itself called “Vault” which in effect will be the new owner of Bethesda and will act as a link between the American multinational and the software houses that will be acquired in the Xbox Game Studios.

In one of these documents, which can be fully consulted in its entirety on the official website of the European Commission, reference is made several times to this subsidiary company, Vault precisely, which will be the real purchaser of ZeniMax, thus allowing these software houses to maintain their working environments remain unchanged and continue to work under the same umbrella.

In short, Vault will act as an intermediary between Microsoft and Bethesda, allowing the two multinationals to maintain their corporate architecture, while respecting any type of legal term.

Obviously, Vault is completely under the control of Microsoft, which remains the first and only owner of this subsidiary company, thus leaving the control of the Redmond giant over ZeniMax and the software houses that are part of it unchanged.

In the coming months, therefore, this long process of acquisition by Microsoft started last September will end, which will officially bring Bethesda under the hegemony of the American multinational, and once the transfer of ownership is concluded we will finally know how the relations with the publication of new games also on rival consoles, that is PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, will be.