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Microsoft Denies It’s Teasing A Fable Announcement for the Upcoming Showcase

The community has started to think that Xbox was teasing Fable, but perhaps it doesn't seem so even if there will still be some "surprises" in the upcoming showcase.

Fable could be one of the next protagonists of the new Xbox event, even if Microsoft managers have tried to dampen the enthusiasm. The historic Xbox series has been waiting for a new episode for a very long time which, moreover, has already been announced in any case. Check out all the details below.

Microsoft Denies It’s Teasing A Fable Announcement

Microsoft Denies It's Teasing A Fable Announcement

According to a report, a recent Xbox teasing hinted that Fable would be returning at the next Xbox Games Showcase. But some fans immediately thought about a certain skepticism, and actually, they weren’t entirely wrong.

Because in these hours Xbox has tried to dampen the enthusiasm regarding the aforementioned teasing, removing any speculation that it is actually Fable. After hinting, on more than one occasion, that Fable would be present at the next Xbox Games Showcase, Aaron Greenberg seems to have changed his mind.

In a recent tweet reply to a fan, Greenberg didn’t confirm the photos and videos link to Fable: “I’ve not teased anything, prefer for our fans to be surprised when they watch live. But it does feel like right now if I sneeze someone will say, X game confirmed! Love you all and the passion, keep it coming as we are about a week away!

While in this case, Greenberg was just responding to his own selfie that seemed to hint at the news about the Fable game, he’s actually right when he says he didn’t really “tease anything.”

Obviously, the details that have emerged from the teaser in question can only make us think of Fable, but at this point, we just have to wait for the Xbox event to put an end to these rumors.

Made by Playground Games, a team that would also be helped by the Forza Motorsport studio, the so-called Fable 4 promises to revive the series in any case. In addition, the lead writer Anna Megill recently announced on social media that she has been working on the new title for 2 years now, also suggesting that development is proceeding at the right pace.