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Microsoft In Talks To Acquire Discord for Over $10 billion

Microsoft doesn’t seem to want to stop anymore. After the acquisition of Bethesda, which arrived officially a few weeks ago (an operation that immediately brought many games from the software house into the Game Pass service), Microsoft is now preparing to buy another very strong brand, Discord, through spending over 10 billion dollars.

It seems that Microsoft is pushing the accelerator, and not only within the world of video games. Over the past year, Discord has explored several options for its future, from listing (which would still be on the table) to selling for over $10 billion.

The company has attracted the interest of several companies in the last period, making the names of Epic Games and other companies. But it seems that in the end, it decided to sit at a single table, that of Microsoft. However, according to Bloomberg’s own reports, the closing of the entire operation would still be a long way off.

With approximately 140 million monthly users, Discord ended 2020 with a turnover of 130 million dollars without however achieving a profit, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. The latest valuation, dating back to last December, was around 7 billion after an investment round of 100 million dollars.

Discord is a platform that most users use for free, but also comes with a $9.99 monthly plan called Nitro that offers a broader feature set, from higher resolution videos to uploads of up to 100MB.

At the moment it is only rumored that Microsoft will acquire Discord, which speaks of preliminary meetings. As in the case of Bethesda, even in this situation, such an important operation takes a long time to finalize, and certainly, we will have to wait a long time before receiving important updates on the case.

So we just have to wait, but with a certainty. Microsoft does not want to stop there, but aims to become one of the most important industry giants of today and of the future.