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Metal Gear Solid Cast Reunite for An Unknown Project

The rumors about a new chapter of the saga have been circulating on the net for years, however recently we may have received a sort of confirmation: during the past few hours the cast of Metal Gear Solid has gathered inside a big Zoom call for what Solid Snake likes to call it “an epic reunion” that will “rock your world.”

David Hayter, the man particularly known for voicing our beloved Big Boss from the series, tweeted the screenshot of the Zoom call, leaving all the participants in plain sight and creating a lot of hype among all the fans of the famous brand.

Hayter also promised everyone that there will be “details coming soon” in regards to what they actually planned during this mysterious meeting. Below, we leave you the complete list of who attended the Metal Gear Solid family reunion:

  • David Hayter – Solid Snake
  • Debi Mae West – Meryl Silverburgh
  • Robin Atkin Downes – Kazuhira Miller
  • Christopher Randolph – Otacon / Huey
  • Tasia Valenza – Sniper Wolf
  • Cam Clarke – Liquid Snake
  • Paul Eiding – Roy Campbell
  • Josh Keaton – Major Ocelot
  • Lori Alan – The Boss
  • Jennifer Hale – Naomi Hunter

Other members of the Zoom meeting include a Celebrity Talent Booking rep and what appears to be some people from the press, which suggests something big is about to hit the market. At the moment we, unfortunately, have no other details, not even a short video clip or a hint of what awaits us, only this single screenshot and the accompanying tweet that you can find at the bottom of this news.

We, therefore, have nothing else to do but wait for news about it and listen to the various speculations coming from the fans of the series, it must also be said, however, that for now nothing has been officially communicated.