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Mario Kart & Pikmin Trademark Renewed By Nintendo Ahead of E3 2021

Nintendo has just renewed the trademarks for the two sagas close to E3 2021, fueling the rumors about the presence of Mario Kart 9 and Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4 and Mario Kart 9 Reveal At E3 2021?

With a timing that can only arouse the eyebrows of its fans, Nintendo has teased fans waiting for Mario Kart and Pikmin by renewing the trademarks of their respective series.

We know very well that the renewal of a trademark registered is a routine operation for all IP holders, but the moment when the Big N has chosen to do so is suspiciously close to E3 2021. The great Los Angeles fair, although purely digital, is now close to its grand reopening.

With the renewal of the IPs for their respective sagas, therefore, Mario Kart 9 and Pikmin 4 seem to be more than a plausible possibility for a presentation on the virtual stage of E3 2021. Both series boast fans eagerly awaiting the next main chapter, for different reasons.

It’s not that Mario Kart fans have ever lacked anything, but while the Deluxe version of the eighth chapter on Switch is the definitive version of the title for Wii U, fans are eagerly awaiting the ninth chapter.

An almost diametrically opposite speech for Pikmin, a series that boasts humble origins on Nintendo GameCube with the first two episodes, later re-proposed on Wii. Pikmin 3 for Wii U is the latest great chapter in the saga, in turn, and in its time highly anticipated, if we don’t consider the linear spinoff on 3DS, Hey! Pikmin.