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Mafia 5 Reportedly Leaked Before Mafia 4 Release Date

A job announcement suggests that things are moving ahead for Mafia 5, the new episode of the famous Hangar 13 saga, even before the release of Mafia 4.

We know you are confused, as we are all stuck in Mafia III, and even though some time ago the work in progress on a new episode was confirmed, currently called Mafia IV but without knowing the final official title, yet in these hours an announcement has been found in the depths of the web suggesting that early production for Mafia 5 has started (or Mafia V, take your pick). Check out the complete information below.

Mafia 5 Leaked Before Mafia 4 Release Date

Mafia 5 Reportedly Leaked Before Mafia 4

The news about Mafia 5, reported on LinkedIn, highlights how Hangar 13, the software house behind the Mafia series, has published a job advertisement related to the same game, in which it claims to be looking for an executive producer for its Brighton studio.

There are no direct references to Mafia, but the announcement speaks, among the candidate’s responsibilities, of the management of “a key franchise” for the company, also with reference to post-launch responsibilities and planning for future episodes of the aforementioned franchise.

It could be anything, of course, but last year the video game journalist Jason Schreier said that Hangar 13 was intended to kick off the first steps of Mafia 5 (or whatever the title) when the work on Mafia 4 started.

The reason is very simple, it is to ensure that the team remains intact and can move from one project to another without a reorganization phase, or without having to put the pieces back together, and not immediately getting a new AAA project to devote himself to. We will therefore see how the Mafia saga will move in the future, after having given new luster to its original episodes.

Mafia 4, according to what has been leaked previously, should be a prequel set in Sicily and dedicated to the family of Don Salieri. The release, however, would be far from imminent; we are talking about at least 2024 (if not 2025), which means that if the job announcement actually refers to Mafia 5 as well, in that case, we will be even further away with the years.