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Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld Console Features AMD Ryzen 7040U APU – Report

According to recent rumors, Lenovo is soon going to present a portable handheld console with some features in common with Steam Deck, called Legion Go.

The trend is consolidating more and more towards portable consoles capable of running Windows games locally, or in any case for desktop platforms with complex graphics, or with less competitive hardware to accommodate cloud gaming services, continuously improving for performance and latencies, such as GeForce NOW. Today is the turn of Lenovo, which is about to launch its portable handheld console with Windows 11 called Legion Go. Check out all the details below.

Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld Console Leaked – Report

Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld Console Leaks

The success of Steam Deck shook up an industry, that of handheld consoles, which didn’t seem to be able to keep up with smartphones. But the possibility of playing PC games in any situation, while accepting some performance limits, seems to please the market, and after ASUS ROG Ally now Lenovo would also be about to launch a new gaming handheld console called Legion Go.

The more attentive will remember Lenovo Legion Play, the Android-based portable console that the Chinese company allegedly developed about two years ago and then never put on the market, and apparently Legion Go could be based on that design.

However, Legion Play was an Android device dedicated to cloud gaming, not unlike the new Logitech G Cloud, while Legion Go would compete with devices capable of providing the necessary power for native games.

For this reason, the portable console is expected to be equipped with AMD’s new Phoenix 7040U series APUs, which the company describes as ultra-thin and suitable for gaming, AI and graphics on ultrabooks. At the moment we don’t know what kind of chip it will use, but it should probably have a 15W TDP like the average competition.

In addition, the Legion Go seems to differ in screen size. According to reports, the Lenovo console could be equipped with an 8-inch screen, larger than the 7-inch one on ASUS ROG Ally and Steam Deck, and which could provide a discreet advantage, net of being able to contain weight and dimensions.

In reality, it is still not known for sure whether the device will mount Windows 11, but the fact that the Legion Go will be equipped with Ryzen chips is practically a guarantee in this sense, and perhaps Lenovo could provide better software optimization compared to ASUS ROG Ally, which according to some users is not particularly responsive.

At this time, there is no confirmation from Lenovo regarding any announcements or launch windows. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like Legion Play.