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Leap Trigger Augmented Reality Mobile Shooter Coming to Android & iOS Soon

Graffity, a Japanese development studio specializing in the creation of Augmented Reality games, has announced that a Kickstarter campaign will be launched for its shooter Leap Trigger, which will start on December 18th. If all goes according to plan, the game should be released in a mobile version, for iOS and Android devices, by the end of 2021.

Upon reaching the quota of $7500, Graffity will introduce a greater number of heroes and many other monsters into the game, with the intent of transforming your home into an authentic battlefield, using AR technology (to be clear, in Pokémon Go-style).

In the game, you do not play the role of a digital hero, but you become the hero, physically entering the clashes, accompanied by creatures of various kinds able to fight alongside you. Leap Trigger will also use a card system and teammates will be able to take on different roles: the Striker, the Defender, and the Jammer, each (obviously) marked by a specific set of pros and cons.

The developers have stated that Leap Trigger will be released in Free-to-Play format with the presence of in-app purchases. You can take a look at the trailer reported at the bottom of the news to get an idea of ​​how Leap Trigger will work.

Finally, by going on the official page of the Kickstarter campaign dedicated to the title, you can activate a notification to know the exact moment in which the fundraising will have started.

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