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Konami Denies Removal Request of Interview Featuring Possible Silent Hill Tease

Over the past few hours, the famous Japan-based company, Konami, has communicated to its audience that the interview with the composer of the first Silent Hill Akira Yamaoka, containing a short teaser about his new project, has not been removed from YouTube due to a lot of rumored request from Konami itself.

The video in question had appeared on AL Hub, within the latter there was an attempt to broadly explain the new game, defined in particular as “the one you’ve been hoping to hear about.” In addition to this, it was also stated that the announcement of the new Silent Hill title will take place around this summer.

As it goes without saying, it wasn’t long before the interview was picked up and reported in the papers by gaming journalists, and because of that, it was quickly removed after someone asked Al Hub to remove the clip.

The assumptions immediately led to think that that “someone” was actually Konami, however today the denial has arrived. Recently a spokesperson at Konami has denied this fact to VGC by stating the following: “Konami did not ask Al Hub to take down the interview.”

Everyone expects the project Yamaoka is talking about is the much-desired reboot of the huge and historic Silent Hill saga from Konami, presumably in development for PlayStation 5. The official note has never been confirmed, and it is worth noting that Yamaoka is no longer an employee of Konami, so this leaves room for different thoughts on the matter.

At this point, the doubts and questions are greater than before and on the web, a myriad of speculations and hypotheses have started from the fans. In addition to that, did you know that Konami had closed 3 gaming divisions just a week ago?