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Kojima Productions New Game Setting Revealed With Mechs & Monsters, Could It Be Death Stranding 2?

Death Stranding is the latest, incredible, new game produced and developed by Hideo Kojima, father of the Metal Gear Solid saga. According to a recent job advertisement, Kojima Productions is making a new game with mechs and monsters. Could it be related to Death Stranding 2?

Last October, official confirmation arrived that Kojima Productions, the independent software house that gave birth to Death Stranding, is working on a new video game. The title, at the time of writing, is still shrouded in the strictest secrecy, although now some job advertisements may have revealed some pretty interesting details.

The Japanese studio is in fact looking for some specific figures, who will take on key roles in the development of the top-secret project. The positions opened by Kojima Productions include programmers, animators and designers of various kinds, as well as a vacancy at Weapons/Mechanical Artist.

The latter, in particular, will have to deal specifically with the production of 3D models of weapons, gadgets and vehicles, as well as mechs and generic monsters.

This detail leaves a little surprise, especially those who took it for granted that Hideo Kojima was dedicated to a classic horror title (perhaps his Silent Hills dusted off for the occasion). From what it is possible to guess, it cannot even be excluded that it may be Death Stranding 2, or – why not – a new Zone of the Enders – although the information in this sense is really too scarce to be able to make clear assumptions.

We now wait to find out what the Japanese software house headed by Hideo Kojima is actually working on (hoping that the project can be unveiled at the upcoming The Game Awards, scheduled for December 10, 2020).