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Knockout City Will Be Free on Launch Day via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate & EA Play

The partnership between Microsoft and Electronic Arts, stronger than ever after the arrival of EA Play also on Xbox Game Pass for PC, will soon see the arrival of a new and chaotic game in the library, as Knockout City will also be available on day one within the vast Xbox Game Pass Ultimate catalog thanks to EA Play.

The success of the bet, defined as such thanks to the achievement of more than one million downloads, will therefore translate into a full version offered free of charge to all subscribers of the Microsoft service.

During these first days of testing, the fans who were able to take advantage of the Knockout City ventured into various challenges thanks to the Face Off 1 vs 1 and Team KO modes, the latter consisting of 3 players. It was also possible to take advantage of the activity called Back Alley Brawl, which consists of throwing the ball with extreme precision from a long distance.

In the first weeks of launch, Knockout City will immediately receive special events already scheduled that will further enrich the video game panorama offered by the Electronic Arts work. The game modes will be different and constantly changing.

We find the aforementioned Face Off, Team KO, 3 against 3 Diamond Dash, 4 against 4 Ball-Up Brawl, KO Chaos, and many others that will arrive soon. Without forgetting the private matches in any of the playlists.

Knockout City will be available for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members and beyond starting May 21st for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and backwards compatibility on PlayStation 5.

For all those who do not have a subscription to the service will still be able to purchase the game for a budget price of $19.99.