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Is Minecraft Shutting Down In 2024? Explained

Want to know if Minecraft is shutting down? Here's where you can find out the truth about it.

Minecraft is unarguably the greatest 2D sandbox game of all time ever since it was released in 2011. From its varying biomes to its plethora of mobs and items, this game has been on a favorite list for millions of players. But due to rumors circulating of a possible shutdown, many players are worried if Minecraft is shutting down. Despite no identified or official source, the Internet can be a dark place to check facts.

Don’t worry, here’s where you can find out if Minecraft can shut down in 2024. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Is Minecraft Getting Shut Down?

Is Minecraft Shutting Down
Image Source – Minecraft on YouTube.

As of January 2024, there are no plans or words related to the shut down of Minecraft from either Mojang Studios or Microsoft. This rumor might be connected to Minecraft Earth shutting down in June 2021. On the brighter side, there’s no reason for an eventual shutdown considering the success of the franchise title. With over 125 million player base monthly, it doesn’t seem like the game would surprisingly shut down.

Adding more, Minecraft also boasts several spin-off titles like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends exploring different genres. With consistent updates and Minecraft Dungeons going arcade in 2021, the developers might be cooking more great titles in the future.

Speaking of which, Minecraft is also diving into a live-action adaptation of the game. The upcoming movie is set to release in 2025. It will star Jason Momoa, Pedro Pascal, Jack Black, and more cast about to be revealed. Having said that, video game adaptations from titles like Last of Us and Super Mario Bros have been huge hits over the past year. So, it would be unlikely for the developers to shut down the game before the movie releases.

If you see a piece of news claiming Mojang has announced the shutdown of the game servers, it’s either a prank or a hoax. Looking at its current growth, there is no way the Minecraft servers will be shutting down soon.

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