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Insomniac Games Is Working on a New Unannounced Game, Fans Hoping Spider-Man 2 or Resistance Reboot Incoming?

During the past few hours, a rumor has leaked on the net that Insomniac Games may be currently working on a new game not yet announced to the public.

For the company, it seems to be a particularly successful period, with the publication of titles that have managed to remain constantly in the spotlight, such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2018 which is the subsequent spin-off, and the new title of the Ratchet & Clank.

According to reports, a fan noticed a small and apparently insignificant detail about an alleged “new unannounced game” present on the notes of the LinkedIn profile of Jason Hickey, an employee who in the past has also had the opportunity to work in other Insomniac games, including Marvel’s Spider-Man.

As can be seen on his Linkedin profile, Jason Hickey is working as an Acting Art Director for a yet unannounced Insomniac Games project that immediately cannot fall out of sight.

Although at the moment we don’t know yet what kind of game it will be, and on what platforms it will be published, and what genre it belongs to, but according to the fans on Twitter, they are looking forward to seeing a new Spider-Man 2 or either Resistance Reboot (a science fiction series which at that time brought great success).

Founded in 1994 by Ted Price with the name “Xtreme Software” and then renamed Insomniac Games only a year later, it gave birth to works of great titles for PlayStation, such as Spyro the Dragon (1998-2000) and the Ratchet & Clank series and Resistance (2006-11), but now the way may have opened for another new game.